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Jay Wright
Object-Oriented Architecture & Design; iOS & Android - Mobile Developer

Summary and Accomplishments
As a mobile developer I've written apps in both iOS and Android, ported from one platform to the other, and even traveled to India to hand off application code to a team in Pune. Clients include eBay/StubHub, TomTom, Boston Beer, Silver Chalice, and Gun Dog Labs, all of which were distributed, remote teams. Prior to switching to mobile I spent 12+ years developing with dynamic, database driven, server-side web-based technologies, most commonly in java. I have a Computer Science degree from Rutgers University.
 -Accomplished server-side, web, and mobile developer
 -Experienced object-oriented architect and developer
 -Proficient database design, modeling, and data migration engineer
 -Demonstrated leader in providing solutions to business development needs
 -Effective communicator with clients and colleagues
 -Responsible and motivated manager of schedule and deliverables

Mobile Developer01, 2010 - present
Independent, Bend, OR
Lead or collaborating Developer on a number of iOS and Android applications.
 -Photobucket: Native iOS and Android development on photo sharing applications and a Print Shop SDK for both platforms.
 -TomTom: Building customized GPS and Photo data collection tools with integrated webservice-based workflow management on the iOS and Android platforms. Required travel to Pune, India for remote team integration.
 -Boston Beer Company: Integrated native iOS code and the Box API into an internal iPad PhoneGap application.
 -StubHub: Worked on the team to enhance the iPhone functionality as well as build out an iPad (universal) version.
 -Gun Dog Labs: Building NFC (Near Field Communication) reader and writer applications for the Android Platform. Ported to iOS using QR Code reader instead of NFC.
 -Gameface: Interactive Biographical Trivia game for iPhone/iPad with a Ruby back end. Android version in beta.
 -ACC Sports app by Silver Chalice on Apple Store. Implemented new navigation and other major components for Silver Chalice.

Senior J2EE Developer02, 2007 - 08, 2009
Powermand, Portland, OR
Lead Developer on Java OSGI application including embedded C on ZigBee wireless devices and a web 2.0 application.
 -Implemented Java OSGI bundles to manage a ZigBee wireless network, exchange data and instruction from a central servlet application, provide a web monitoring and control interface.
 -Tuned OSGI application for deployment to an ARM processor running an open source JVM.
 -Design and Develop embedded C firmware on ZigBee network devices.
 -Built Spring MVC, Hibernate, "Web 2.0" web application including Adobe Flex/Flash controls.

Senior J2EE Developer, Contract12, 2005 - 10, 2006
InfoUSA, Yesmail, Portland, OR
J2EE Developer on Spring MVC, Hibernate, Ajax, Axis Web Service oriented web application.
 -Integral member of geographically distributed development team building an enterprise application integrating web service and Ajax ("Web 2.0") web application user interface into company's core technology platform.

Senior J2EE Developer, Contract2, 2005 - 9, 2005
Standard Insurance, Portland, OR
J2EE Developer, deployment lead on large struts, web services integration project using the IBM application suite.
 -Struts application developement for a "single view of customer", integrating multiple data sources.
 -Build Lead coordinating code builds, ClearCase versioning, and deployments to integration, model, and production environments.
 -Lead unit testing initiatives with Junit and Cactus.

Senior J2EE Developer, Contract6, 2004 - 9, 2004
Exempla Healthcare, Denver, CO
Provided lead development and integration for a high security Physician's Portal based on BroadVision and medical web applications.
 -Developed JDBC persistence application to synchronize multiple Oracle databases.
 -Investigate and propose solutions for increased network security and single sign on capability of third-party web applications through reverse proxy and NTLM Active Directory
 -WebDAV development to integrate BroadVision Portlets with Jakarta Slide and NT authentication.
 -Built Java-based Lab Alert Socket Server to support real-time physician orders, status, and result BroadVision messaging.

Senior J2EE Developer, Contract8, 2003 - 1, 2004
Media News Group Interactive, Denver, CO
Provided lead development and mentorship on several J2EE based projects.
 -Designed and developed ATG Dynamo based framework for member subscription application. This important revenue source required the secure handling and encryption of user credit card information.
 -Redesigned and developed the member entertainment content application. This increases advertising and 3rd party revenue by allowing online members to find local sporting events, and restaurants. Developed using BEA Weblogic 8 and MS SQL Server.
 -Architected java scheduler application to handle generic scheduled events, and implemented events that handled export of database content in an XML format for client processing.
 -Participated in the design and development of the next generation publishing system. This system is being developed using ATG Dynamo and DB2

Senior Web Developer, Contract7, 2003 - 8, 2003
@Once Inc, Portland, OR
Worked as mentor to Junior Developers developing J2EE web applications.

Senior Web Developer6, 2001 - 4, 2003
@Once Inc, Portland, OR
Architect and lead developer for the core business technologies& research and development lead on proof-of-concept applications& evaluator of Application Servers and IDE's for the implementation and deployment of J2EE applications.
 -Email generation and delivery: a distributed, multi-threaded, system to compose and deliver SMTP messages utilizing EJB's, JMS, Message Driven Beans, and JDBC.
 -Developed standalone multithreaded applications to preprocess and prepare data, then distribute work load to the JBoss server pool through a JMS queues. Distribution of workload was based on the JMS server statistics, tracked by stateless session beans and communicated to the applications by stateful session beans.
 -Servlet frameworks: multiple servlet application frameworks to support dynamic development by providing XML configuration, JSP tag libraries, security, and database integration.
 - Incoming email processing: a multithreaded SMTP server integrated with distributed JMS EJB servers to process incoming email and while adhering to the strict internet standards and the RFC.
 -Installation, testing, and evaluation of Application servers and IDE's to be used to implement and deploy J2EE applications. Included WebLogic, JBoss, iPlanet, Resin, Tomcat, J2EE Reference Implementation, Ant, Forte, JBuilder, and JDeveloper.
 -Struts web applications.

XML/Java Developer, Contract3, 2001 - 5, 2001
Intuitek, Portland, OR
 -Utilized Apache Cocoon XML and XSLT publishing framework to design and implement a dynamic, interactive, database-driven web site.
 -Wrote XSL templates and tag libraries.
 -Implemented Java-based XSP to provide dynamic XML generation.

Senior Java Developer, Contract8, 2000 - 11, 2000
Cybersight, Portland, OR
 -Designed and coded object-oriented Java classes to build a highly secure web application using Java Beans, Java Server Pages, and an Informix database.
 -Implemented a security infrastructure, utilizing SSL, Certificate Authentication, PGP and other encryption components.
 -Created a messaging component for highly secure communication between two separate web based systems, each with unique secure login implementations.
 -Investigated and prototyped solutions to development problems.

Senior Software Engineer1, 2000 - 8, 2000
Trailworks.com, Portland, OR
 -Java-based development including Enterprise Java Beans, Servlets, and Java Server Pages. Lead efforts to prototype new functionality.
 -Internal lead to model a new database based on legacy databases and future needs. Lead data migration efforts.
 -Implemented the BladeRunner XML Content Management Application (now BroadVision's One-to-One Publisher) to upload, manage, and re-purpose data for web and print.
 -Developed the internal web-based data entry tool as well as the publicly accessible web pages.
 -Worked with UML to analyze Use Cases and develop from them.

Technical Lead, Enterprise Technology Group10, 1997 - 9, 1998
Waggener Edstrom, Portland, OR
 -Lead of a newly formed technical department, with concentration on providing client services and agency tools through secure, web-fronted database applications.
 -Included consultation with the Senior Executive staff, external client teams, technical staff, and our internal account teams to provide project plans and proposals for new business initiatives and internal investment, and to define technical deliverables.
 -Worked internally within agency as well as managed external resources (Microsoft Consulting Services/Advanced Technologies) to build and deploy agency workflow and productivity tools.
 -Managed web development team in technical aspects of client internet site deployment.

Senior Software Engineer7, 1996 - 10, 1997
Excite, Inc., Redwood City, CA
 -Engineering lead for production of Excite's Travel Channel, formerly http://city.net/.
 -Implemented solutions for automated production of web pages using the Netscape API, C++, Perl and CGI.
 -Defined and implemented tools to automate and manage database, flat-file, source-fed, and HTML content.
 -Worked to integrate databases from several different sources and make data accessible company wide.
 -Evaluated external companies for content partnerships, responsible for technical aspects of the partnership.
 -Monitored logs and processes to maximize server and software efficiency. Configured and maintained web server software and web space components.

GIS Computer Lab Programmer/Network Manager10, 1991 - 5, 1996
Climate Laboratory, Department of Geography, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
Database Programmer for Global Climate Lab GIS research facility.

Systems Analyst1, 1990 - 9, 1991
Gamma Ray Observatory Satellite Project, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH
Computer Programmer for Nasa funded scientific research project. Necessitated frequent trips to NASA's Kennedy Space Center with security clearance during satellite End-To-End Network testing.

Development Environments
Frameworks and APIs
iOS, Android, J2EE (JSP/Servlets, EJB 2.0, JMS, JAXP, JDBC), Spring/Spring MVC, Ruby on Rails, Struts, Hibernate, Knopflerfish OSGI, Axis Web Services, ATG Dynamo, Cactus, Junit, Cocoon, Netscape API (NSAPI), iPlanet LDAP API, XML SAX and DOM parsers

Objective-C, Java, JSP, Ruby, XML/Xpath, XSL/XSLT, UML, JavaScript, Perl, C/C++, SQL, PL/SQL

IDE Tools
XCode, Android Studio, Intellij, Eclipse, Websphere Application Developer (WSAD), Rational Application Developer (RAD6), Adobe Flex Builder, Rational Rose, JBuilder

Source Control
git, Subversion (svn), ClearCase, CVS, StarTeam, MS Visual Source Safe, RCS

Operating Systems
Linux, Solaris, Mac OS/X, Windows

Application Servers
Websphere 6.0/5.1, Weblogic 8.1, JBoss, ATG Dynamo, Tomcat, Apache, Iplanet, BroadVision

Oracle, Informix, MySQL, SQL Server

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, Rutgers University - 1992

Activities and Interests
Tennis, Mountain Biking, Photography, Writing, Travel, Skiing, Rock Climbing, White Water, Illustration

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